Don’t call it a comeback: LG has a middling new tablet up for grabs in its homeland

What is it with defunct or slowly dying smartphone manufacturers and lackluster tablets these days? First the HTC A101 went official in South Africa (of all places) a little over a month ago with Android 11 (!!!) in tow and a modest set of hardware specifications, and now the LG Ultra Tab is a thing in South Korea (which makes perfect sense) with Android 12 pre-installed (yay!) and otherwise similarly unimpressive specs and features.

Despite what the name might suggest, this new 10.35-inch device is certainly no Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra rival, failing to match most of the best Android tablets out there in terms of raw power with a middling Snapdragon 680 processor under the hood.
Of course, the chances of ever seeing the LG Ultra Tab released outside of the company’s domestic market are slim (to say the least), so it’s probably not worth comparing this slate to the likes of the 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab A8 as far as our US-based or European readers are concerned. 
Still, it’s… interesting that LG is willing to (timidly) try again in a tablet market where the brand was never very active or relevant after throwing in the smartphone-making towel for good last year. Just in case you’re… curious for some reason, the pompously named Ultra Tab comes packing a modest 4 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of internal storage space while sporting a not-so-bad screen resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels, supporting microSD expansion, and even offering a good old fashioned 3.5mm headphone jack.

Add a robust body somehow tipping the scales at 458 grams and measuring 7.1mm in thickness to the equation, as well as a fast-charging 7,040mAh battery and four undoubtedly powerful speakers to the equation, and the bang for buck factor actually looks pretty good overall on paper at a regional price equating to roughly $350. But at the same time, this is clearly too little and (way) too late to put LG back on the global mobile map.


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