Don’t Run or Scream If Dog Attacks You, Do These Five Simple Things to Easily Protect Yourself

When a loose dog approaches you to attack you. Don’t run, scream, flail limbs, panic, make eye contact, jump up and down instead do these 5 things below;

1. If you have anything in your hand such as umbrella or stick use it to create a gap between you and the dog.

2. If you are wearing shoe that is a good instrument, throw the shoe at the dog, it will create a distraction.

3. Pick any object including sand and throw at the dog, most dogs would not resist objects thrown at them.

4. If you know the name of the dog call the dog’s name as if you are the owner.

5. Call out the owner “come get your dog”
Don’t flail your leg or hand that is bear, it may enter into the dog’s mouth.

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