Drama As Two Racist White Police Officers Arrest a Black Man With No Offence But Later Find Out He Is a FBI Agent

Police arrests black man without any Offence

Life has a way of playing some people who think that they have the power to do whatever it is that they like just because they have been empowered by the law.

It’s very worrisome and unfortunate the happenings around the world of how blacks are being harassed and victimized by the white folks simply because they have a different colour of skin. This is worrisome because no human deserves such humiliations from anyone, simply because they are empowered by the law to arrest and charge people to court.

A video has surfaced online of a black man sitting in front of a mall and allegedly smoking, while he was at it, a white young police officer approached him and without interrogation, he requested for him to stand to his feet to be arrested and the black man refused saying for what reason (s) would he be arresting him?

As he (white cop) held his left hand, the black man shook his hands off himself, then another white cop join and the man said to them you don’t know who I am, while he was yet talking he was being handcuffed and the first cop reached for his side pocket, found his car key and says he doesn’t even have an identity card, the other white cop reached for his back pocket and saw his Federal Bureau of Investigation identify card on him.

Immediately they both started apologizing but he (black man) wouldn’t take any of that as he demanded to speak with their supervisor and when their supervisor came, he demanded for their cards from him as he would be pressing charges on the 3 of them but the supervisor said he’s not among and asked those two officers to give him theirs.

Watch the video below;

Had it been the man wasn’t an officer, would they not have dealt with him?

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