Edo state Governor condemns attack in Benin, calls for security for protesters

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo state has censured the assault on the #ENDSARS dissenters by criminals in Benin city today October 16.

The hooligans furnished with cleavers and different hazardous weapons assaulted dissidents while they walked along Ring Road, slaughtering one.

In an announcement delivered tonight, the lead representative arranged the state Police Command to give sufficient security to the dissenters as they practice their privileges as concerned Nigerians.

He additionally noticed that a careful examination would begin quickly to deal with the guilty parties.

“I have just learnt that hoodlums have attacked #ENDSARS protesters, who have conducted themselves peacefully in Benin City. I extend my condolences to the victims of the attacks, including those who lost their lives and others who were injured by the thugs.

“It is disheartening that anyone would attack a peaceful assembly of young people who are expressing genuine concerns over police brutality and intimidation in their own country.

“I hereby call on the Edo State Police Command to get out on the streets and provide adequate security for the protesters and ensure that no one is harassed in the course of exercising their rights.” the statement read.

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