Enjoy 0.0KB Unlimited Freebrowsing Cheat With Tunnel Cat VPN

If you know you’ve abandoned your Ntel sim, this is the right time to go and dust it because in this post you’ll get to know how to browse with 0.0kb on Ntel via TunnelCat VPN.

This Cheat might be slow but I bet you that it will save your day at least the maximum speed is at 50kb-120kb which is better than other networks and it powers all apps.

1. Ntel Sim with 0.0kb
2. TunnelCat VPN – Download Now
3. TunnelCat Config – Download Here

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How to Browse on Ntel 0.0kb Sim for Free Via TunnelCat VPN

1. Install and Launch Your TunnelCat VPN
2. Extract the files from the zip format into a folder
3. Navigate to Settings Tab
4. Click on the ” Import “ button
5. Locate where you extracted the Configured files then Select any of your choices
6. It will show Authenticating then CONNECT within seconds.

That’s all for now you need to know about connecting your free browsing on Ntel Network.

Just note that the maximum speed is 50kb – 120kb and it powers all app on your phone.

However, it is unlimited and should serve you for your daily internet needs.

Source: Lukastechs

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