Every Man I Date End Up Leaving Me Because They Can’t Handle My Weight – Woman Laments

The bullying of plus size woman has been something that has been going on for far too long. People tend to judge the a lot as they tell them to limit their eating and go to gym so they can loose weight, which is very wrong because these ladies feels comfortable in their skin and if they didn’t they would have lost the weight a long time ago.

Social media is a very sad place to be especially if you’re oversized because you always get negative comments from people, which is one of the reasons why these starts to have low self esteem. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

As a person it shouldn’t matter which size you are because what really matters is how comfortable you feel in your body.

However, for this lady dating was never difficult for eventhough she’s chubby, she would get lot of man who are interested in a her but the main issue is that every man she dates would come and go.

It seems these man gets attracted by her beauty but can’t handle her weight.

The lady expressed her feelings as she opened up about how no man stays in a relationship with her for a long time because her oversized body becomes the problem for them.


  1. But u r so pretty. I thk jealousy is the biggest portion of our hatered, worry not.

  2. Baby I’m here for you and I promise never to leave you email me please

  3. Try and calm down baby ! Write me if you see this msg I think I have the solution: thanks and get back to me

  4. I love your stature

  5. Try exercises and mind your diet

  6. You are not telling the truth..every woman would like to have your body shape and size.cudoz keep up.

  7. A woman with nice shape body like this and you’re there talking about weight my dear fellow men no! no!! no!!! For you kwraaa if the woman is slim you talk what exactly do you the women to do my panic not appreciate what you’re bless with OK
    Wait who will come for you is on the way coming. To me l like women of your type so what to do thanks. The choice is yours.

  8. She’s ok except something else I see no reason men will eventually rejected her because of weight I think it’s something else

  9. Make it a prayer point n have faith, someone that knows you are a treasure will surely find you. God answers prayer. U are an uncommon treasure

  10. Make it a prayer point and have faith, your true love will look for you. God answers prayer. U are 🙌

  11. Stop stressing yourself with men’s coz few of them stick in relationships no matter what comes or in, 2 diet to avoid over weight and skip meals.

  12. Hmmm!, Am still wondering what will make a man leave a fantastic beautifully made woman like you. I don’t think it’s about your wait. Seek the face of Jesus Christ and all will be well with you. You are a super beauty.

  13. Get a man who is God fearing with real love and not lusts and he will take care of you well.The fact is ,” you look so beautiful” And also stop considering very wealthy men because such in most cases don’t have true love and respect for women.Goodluck please.Am Godfrey Justin.

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  16. Kindly let us talk about this privately l have a solution.

  17. This people saying that madam has weight thus not real true …the truth is that what they espect to have from her is oposite ……

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