Five Easy Ways to Make Your Girlfriend / Wife Cry Without Beating Her

ways to make girl cry without beating her

Hello guys, did your girlfriend offend you and you want her to regret her actions by making her cry alone without you touching or beating her?. There are many ways you use to make your girl cry without beating her and that’s what we will be talking about in this article. Below are 5 different method you can use to achieve this as a man;

1. Stop Eating Her Food
Don’t eat your girl’s food again. whenever your girlfriend prepare food for you don’t eat it, she will feel the pain and will surely regret her mistakes cause all what she will start thinking about is that you have already have someone else outside that’s doing that for you and she will definitely be jealous of that.

2. Praise Other Girls In Her Presence
Praising other girls in front of your girlfriend will definitely make her uncomfortable. cause no girl wants her man to praise another girl in her presence.

3. Give Bad Comments About Her Food
As I have said earlier, don’t eat her food. But incase you eat little out of it, tell her it is salty that she doesn’t know how to cook.

4. Leave House For Her
If she totally get you angry and you really want her to regret it, You might just decide to go out without telling her and return back at night. You can go to a friend’s house and play or just find somewhere to enjoy. But deep down in her mind, she will be thinking maybe you went to met another girl outside and that will really pain her.

5. Beat Her In Bed
Hope you understand this, It doesn’t mean combat but it means give it to her like never before. Some girls might enjoy this but if you do this to some, they will feel the pain cause they’ve never experienced the kind of it before.

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