Five Habits You Are Doing That Is Causing Belly Fat But You Don’t Know

Habits causing belly fat

Belly fat, or excess fat around the abdomen, has causes that include lack of exercise, poor diet, and stress.

Belly fat is something crucial that human battle with, especially ladies. We all want to rock our tummy in that body con dress right but our tummy won’t allow it. I really do understand our plight but most of us are the ones causing it, the following habits should be checked. Below are 5 habits that’s causing belly fat that you must stop;

1. Eating Late At Night
When you eat late at night, the probability that the food will not digest is very high.

2. Habit Breaker
Instead of soothing with food, drink a glass of water. Try stress-relieving activities like meditation or gentle yoga.

3. Emotional Eating
It’s easy to reach for sugary foods that contains fat when stress level is high. But the effect will stay with you long after you feel better. But the effect will stay with you long after you feel better. Cortisol also known as ardenal glands in response to stress and research has shown that elevated Cortisol levels can increase weight gain.

4. Eating In Large Plates
When you eat on large plates, we all want to finish the portion of food taken even if we are full. And by doing this regularly, you will automatically be consuming a large amount of food which will lead to belly fat.

5. Drinking Beer
Drinking bear can also cause fat belly cause of the things they use in producing can lead to belly fat.


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