Five Solid Reasons Why All Men Fear Marrying Financially Stable Women

reasons why men don't marry financially stable women

Marriage is the strongest social institution that exists in the world. Men tend to have different priorities in selecting the type of a lady to marry. a lot of research was taken on men and who they prefer as wife materials. It became crystal clear that they really fear getting married to women who earn high income than them due to the following reasons I’m about to drop. Below are reasons why men don’t like marrying women with high income;

1. Expensive Dowry
Some culture dictates that the more educated and wealthier a woman is, the more expensive the dowry price will be. This could be another possible reason why most middle and low income earning men avoid classy women and go for low class women so as to afford the dowry and feel comfortable in the union.

2. Fear of Being Cheated On
Most low income earning men lack trust, honesty and faith in women who earn more income than them. This is largely because the ladies always interact with other men of their class and can easily be swayed to dump their low class boyfriends.

3. Inferiority Complex
Several men feel that a wealthier woman will make them look weaker and colonized since almost all the financial expenses in the house would be catered for by the woman. They believe that it will be directly contrasting with the norm which dictates that the man should always be the head of the family financially, mentally, psychologically and in all marital aspects. Thus, it is evident that most of the men keep on shying away from the financially stable women.

4.  Negative Myths From Society
The negative notion that society holds pertaining the wealthy, educated and financially stable women makes men keep off the classy ladies. The society tends to believe that most wealthy women do not stay in a marriage for long especially if they are married to a low income earning man. The increasing number of single mothers who are independent and financially stable has made most men to believe that a wealthy lady cannot stay in a marriage or even if she does, she will be arrogant and lack respect to her husband.

5. Lack Of Confidence and the Feel Of Insecurity
A man always wants to feel superior whenever he is hanging around with his woman both in public and private. They want to have that feeling of being the head of the family. However, they fear attaining such social balance in case the woman in context is financially stronger than them.

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