Five Solid Reasons Why Women Don’t Get Married These Days

The proportion of women not getting married is rising each year. Women grow up with a fairytale, into their adult life of what was once an idyllic dream, has now eventually turned sour because of the pressures of the society.

As society has laid out the structure for us, go to school, go to varsity, get a job, get married and have children, it’s difficult for those who deviate from the structure.

Some ladies view on marriage may be dependent on manny things, some may claim it is not a thing for everyone, others are content with being single they say it’s happier that way. So why are many women not getting married these days? Below are few reasons you should know about; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

1. Women Want Men Who Are Better Financially and Educationally

Women naturally tend to marry men who are better financially and highly educated and with more women becoming successful these days, the pool of men to choose from is becoming smaller. There are simply not enough high-earning, highly educated men for all the single ladies and this has forced ladies these days to postpone marriage or even forgo it.

2. Many Men Are Threatened By Successful Women

Most men feel threatened been with a strong and successful woman and with more women getting successful these days, it’s really not surprising that the number of women getting married is declining. Only real men can handle a strong and successful woman but there aren’t any real men out there. A man who feels threatened by a woman’s success can’t claim to be a real man.

3. Women Are More Career-obsessed

Women are postponing or even forgoing marriage these days in favour of their career. Combining marriage and a very demanding career could be very challenging and this has forced many women in the past to put their careers on hold or engage in less challenging careers. With women seeing success in their careers as more important these days, the number of women getting married is on the decline.

4. Women Are No Longer Relying On Men Financially

Women earning more these days, the decision to marry becomes more dependent on factors like love, social norms, or the desire to start a family unlike in the past where most women married because they were financially reliant on men.

5. There Are Fewer Marriageable Men These Days

The proportion of marriageable men is on the decline and this is also causing a decline in the number of women getting married. With more and more men becoming jobless and lacking prospects these days, many women now prefer to be single and successful than marry a man who isn’t marriageable.

Why do you think more women aren’t getting married these days? You can as well drop your thought below using the comment box.

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