Five things itching palms say about your health that will surprise you

Almost everyone have experienced itchy palms. 

They are mostly caused by skin conditions even though most people believed that this happened when one was to receive or give away money. 

However, itchy palms can be associated with several medical conditions and below are some of it;

1. Diabetes

A person who has diabetes or even excess blood sugar leads to a dry skin contributing to itchiness on the palm and also other parts of the body. 

2. Reactions to Medication

Itchy palms can also result from ingestion of different drugs or when such medication comes in to contact with the palm skin. In case a person has an allergic reaction, exposure to certain medication results to histamine reactions contributing to itchiness of the palms. 

3. Allergic Reactions

Itchy palms can at times be as a result of exposure to chemicals or irritants that result to an allergic reaction. Some of the materials that lead to this are; water with high amounts of chlorine, latex gloves, disinfectants, perfumes, jewellery among others.

4. Hand Eczema

This is a non-contagious condition that causes red skin, dryness, itching of palms and sometimes blistering. Most of the people who experience eczema are those who work in professions where they are exposed to harsh chemicals or rough working materials.

5. Nerve disorders

When a person suffers from primary biliary cholangitis or cirrhosis – autoimmune disorders that lead to blotchy and itchy palms.

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