Five Types Of Friends You Must Stay Away From If You Want to Be Successful In Life

friends you must avoid

Friends are people other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection. The people you keep around you determine how far you make it in life. By this I mean the kind of friends you have an impact on your success. Stay away from these 5 types of friends who are only dragging you behind; 

1. The Friends That Never Stand Up For You
A friend who is against your success will never stand up to support you. Despite how much you need them, they will only look at you pretending not to be in a position to help you when you know well that they actually are in a position to. And now you have five kinds of friends to never keep if you value being successful in life.

2. The Jealous and Envious Friends
This kind of friends will always go against your opinions no matter how life-changing they can be. Whenever you make any successful step, they become envious and fight for your downfall. Stay away from such.

3. The Critic
There are some of your friends who never side with you no matter how positive you think. These are the kind of friends who instead of advising you on the wrongs, they criticize you.
You should learn the difference between criticism and advice. Such people harm your good thoughts barring you from being successful.

4. The All-knowing
This is that friend who knows everything and anything better than you do. You can never bring up an idea or opinion that he or she won’t challenge or want to make a difference to.
Such friends ruin your special plans with their quack ideas.

5. The Compulsive Gossipers
If you catch some of your friends gossiping about someone who is your friend too, then be sure you are often a topic whenever you are not around. Whoever gossips about you wants no good for you so why not kick them out?


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