Four Places Women Want Men to Touch in There Body But Will Never Tell You

There are many parts of a woman’s body that all women love there man to touch, but the problem is that they will never open there mouth and say it.

You’ll see this in their reactions if you touch this area and you will notice how lovely they feel. Below are some places your woman will want to touch in her body but she won’t tell you;

1. The Hair

Women really like it if you admire their hair, especially when you touch their hair, that’s only natural. When your lady is done with pain, when new hair just needs a gentle touch.

2. The Ears

Women giggle when they touch their ears and tickle them when you jump in there. Men should consider this part because it reduces stress.

3. The Neck

The neck is the part of the body that supports and supports the head because men should always touch a woman’s neck and massage it often to relieve stress.

4. The Face

This is the most important aspect because as a man you need to admire your woman all the time, make her understand how beautiful she is with or without makeup, always look at her every minute and tell her how gorgeous she is and has always been.


Written by Olexhome

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