Four Strange Things Ladies Always Do Before Visiting There Boyfriend, No 2 and 3 Will Surprise You


There are some certain strange things that women usually do whenever they want to visit their lovers, but some men have no idea of it.

So in case you don’t know, here are four strange things women do before before visiting their Boyfriends which you should know as a man;

1. They Waste a lot Of Time In the Bathroom

If you have a grown up sister that you stay together with, then you will be familiar with this. They will waste a lot of time bathing to the point you start wondering if they are giving birth in the bathroom. She usually do this when she wants to visit her boyfriend just for her to look good for him.

2. General Cleanup

This is on the list because many women are fund of it. They generally remove all the unwanted hairs on their body when they want to visit their boyfriend.

3. They Wear Different and Unique Undies Just In case

If you notice all these ladies well, you will realise that anytime they want to visit there boyfriend, They will then wear a different underwear from the usual torn ones she normally wear.

4. Starving Themselves

This sounds someone though but this is what they do. Some of them will decide not to eat anything that day until they reach their boyfriend’s house because they think that they are going to eat very well in his place.

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