Four Things Pregnant Women Don’t Like to Hear

What Pregnant woman hate to hear

There are certain statements that can hurt a woman when she is pregnant. People around an expectant mother are expected not to make such statements for the sake of her happiness. Here are four things no pregnant woman wants to hear.

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1. You Might Go For C-section
The thought of going for a C-section scares some women. Most women want to deliver the normal way.

If you are not her doctor, never tell a woman especially if she is expecting her first child that she might require surgery. Such discussions should be left to her doctors and nurses who will explain things in the right manner.

2. When I Gave Birth, It Was Terrible
Don’t tell a pregnant woman the pain you went through when giving birth to your kids. The narration might leave her stressed for the rest of the period. Instead, tell her things that will give encourage her to look forward to her baby’s birth.

3. You’ve Grown Thinner
Women are affected by what they hear. Talking about a pregnant’s woman body image can cause her to panic and think she’s doing something wrong that might affect her baby’s health. 

4. Brace For Tough Times Ahead
Women never want to be told about the difficult times they might experience after childbirth.

Act as a source of encouragement to her and avoid focusing on the negatives. Inspire her by telling her things like how she’ll be a great mom.

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