Four Things You Are Doing That Will Make You Look Older Than Your Age

There is no one with the ability to evade aging. However, some people look older than they are while others seem extremely younger than their actual age.

In most cases, this variation is self-inflicted. If you avoid these four simple habits that are making you look old, you will regain a look that reflects your actual age or a younger version of yourself.

Below are the things you’re doing that’s making you old; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

1. Frowning

This seems to be a normal thing but it can make you age rapidly than your mates. You are advised to reduce how often you frown. You can also fake a smile whenever you find yourself frowning.

2. Staring at Your Phone for Too Long

The skin on your neck ages faster than that on your face because it is thicker. Staring at your phone, tablet or laptop for long hours daily strains your neck. This causes premature wrinkling that will make you appear older.

3. Sitting All Day

Technology has tried to ensure that you sit on your way to work while working and even after work at home. Such a lifestyle is not good for you. Make sure you walk at least for a reasonable distance and avoid lifts.

4. Sleeping On Your Face

Your bedtime routine is one of the reasons you look older. Sleeping on your face makes you wake up with sleep wrinkles. Unfortunately, these wrinkles have the ability to become permanent if you do it for years. Therefore, you need to sleep on your sides or back.

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