Four Things You Must Never Say In The Presence Of a Woman You Love, No 1 Can Make You Lose Her Forever

Things you mustn't say in presence of a lady you love

Women are very sensitive and therefore it’s a caution to always mind what we say in their presence. there are some things when said in their presence, they might be emotionally affected. For this reason, when in a presence of a lady you love, it is advised to avoid terms that would break her apart. Below are some terms that shouldn’t be said in presence of a lady that you love;

1. Talking About Ex
If you happen to be interested in a lady, try as hard as possible never to include your ex in the conversation as you will definitely lose her. When having a conversation just talk about things that concern both of you without including a third party.

2. Will You Eat That All
This is another set of words that one should avoid asking a lady you love most especially while having a meal. This sounds really bad in their ears and she might not respond nicely to your question.

3. Can We Kiss
At first, we should keep in mind that most women respect much of their tradition and we should respect that fact. When talking about kissing her, these words make most of them feel insecure especially when asking in the wrong place.

4. Is That What You Are Wearing
Most definitely, this words will lower her esteem due to doubts about her looks. To avoid such a scenario, one should find the right words to comment about the dressing in a way that it won’t hurt her feelings.

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