Four Things You Should Never Apply On Your Face

Things to never apply on face

We all know women can do anything to look beautiful.

However, some women end regretting after applying things they didn’t know much about on their faces. If you are not sure about what to apply on your face, it is good to ask a dermatologist. Never put these 5 things on your face, as outlined by

1. Lemon Juice
Some women have been tempted to apply lemon on their faces to make their skin look better. Lemon is not good for you. Application of lemon on your skin can lead to burns.

2. Glycolic Acid
According to Dhaval Bhanusali, a dermatologist based in New York City and a spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology, women should never think of putting the acid on their faces. The dermatologist argues that glycolic acid will damage the skin on your face permanently. Women who apply the chemical on their face end up regretting.

3. Expired Sunscreen
Have you been using sunscreen on your face? The expiry date of the product you are using is among the most important aspects to check before buying. Never make a mistake of applying expired lotions on your face. Check the dates of expiry before you go ahead to apply the same on your face.

4. Cleansing Soap
Cleansing soap strips off excessive oils on your face.

However, it should not be retained because it will lead to dehydration. Bar soaps will over dry your skin hence leaving you looking horrible.

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