Four things you should never do immediately after eating if you want to live long

If you are the kind of person who likes doing things after taking full meals then this list should be a concern to you. Not everything you do immediately after taking your meals is healthy. In this article you will get to know some common things we always do after eating not knowing it’s can cause a big problem for us. Below are some of the things you should stop doing after taking your meals;

1. Do Not Smoke

Smoking is generally unhealthy whether after meals or any time. Smoking immediately after meals has been linked to irritable bowel syndrome and is also believed to cause ulcerative colitis. So stay away from it especially after eating.

2. Do Not Exercise

The body needs a little time to digest food before you can start working out. Engaging in workouts immediately after meals disrupt the digestive process and can cause vomiting or stomach puffiness.

3. Do Not Drink Cold Water

Drinking very cold water is regarded as unhealthy for digestion. When you take very cold water immediately after meals, it causes food to clump together making it hard for digestion to take place. Warm water is recommended. 

4. Do Not Go to Bed

Laying down to sleep immediately after meals cause a lot of pressure to the diaphragm and can cause sleep apnea or strange snoring. Additionally, stomach acids may flow back into the oesophagus burning its inner layer. 

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