Four Tips On How To Let Android Phones Charge Fast

You might have been wondering why your smartphone took a long time to fully charged.

Especially in some areas where there is no enough of power supply, if they brought your light you will always want to let your phone be fully charged before they took off your light. But unfortunately with this critical condition your phone is still taking a long period of time to be fully charged, don’t worry that is why we are here for you. Kindly follow the tips below and you will actually see changes.

4 Easy Ways to Fast Charge Your Android smartphone

1. Activate Airplane Mode – It’s 100% sure your phone won’t charge fast when you are on a cellular/mobile network because it slows down charging time. Activating airplane mode will therefore, reduce power consumption and will charge twice faster than in normal mode.

2. Use a Powerful Charger – Using good and powerful charger boosts battery lifetime and charging capability. For most Android smartphones 5.0v – 2.A is powerful but it depends on battery capacity. A battery higher than 3000mAh should use a charger with a higher voltage.

3. Remove Phone Cases – You might be surprised but a decrease in battery temperature is inversely proportional to an increase in fast charge, leading to
overheating. This means that cool batteries charge faster than warm batteries. So, it will be better to remove the rubber cases and place the phone on a cool spot or floor when charging.

4. Leave The Device Alone While Charging – This is very common among phone addict. If you have plugged the phone in the wall socket or anywhere, kindly resist the usual temptation to check how the phone is charging because every time you activate the display, you are increasing the power consumption and at the same time, slowing down charging.

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