Galaxy Z Fold 4 colors – all the official colors are here!

One of the biggest summer tech events is already behind our backs – Galaxy Unpacked brought us Samsung’s next generation foldable devices, watches and earbuds. The most exciting gadget of the bunch is, of course, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 – the ultimate foldable flagship.

Along with all the hardware and software upgrades, Samsung has given the Galaxy Z Fold 4 a new paintjob as well. If you want to check out all the official Galaxy Fold 4 colors, as well as some exclusive hues, read on!

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 colors

Galaxy Z Fold 4 in Beige

Here’s a surprise for you! The color, normally reserved for trousers, old Toyota Camrys, and countryside wallpapers has come to the Galaxy Z Fold 4! And before you take this joke seriously – the actual hue looks pretty classy – much closed to gold than to the said trousers.

It’s a cool color that looks amazing in person, and what’s even more interesting is that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in Beige is not an exclusive! That’s right – it’s a normal color that you can freely buy at anytime. The exclusive color is something much more wine-centric, if you catch our drift!

Galaxy Z Fold 4 in Phantom Black

Black has always been in fashion and it always will be. To prove this point Samsung has launched the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in Phantom Black. The Phantom moniker has been carried over from the previous generation and along with the actual hue, although it bright sunlight it looks dark-grayish.

The back of the phone is frosted glass, which means basically a mat finish – good news for all of you, who hate the never-ending battle with your own (and not only) fingerprints. The smoothness and silkiness of the frosted back is helped by the black hue, which makes fingerprints almost invisible. 

Galaxy Z Fold 4 in Graygreen

Another cool new addition is the Galaxy Z Fold 4 Graygreen color option. This color may sound a bit pretentious but in fact it’s very classy and cool. Again, it’s not a bright hue, it’s very understated but it’s one of these graphite colors that look instantly stylish.

You have the same frosted glass treatment on the back and it goes really well with the new Graygreen color option – keeping fingerprints away, while looking like a piece of art. Just like the Beige color, this is just a normal Galaxy Z Fold 4 color variant, and you can get it right now, if you’re into composite words that mix two colors in them.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 in Burgundy (exclusive)

And here we are in the exclusive corner of the metaphorical rainbow – the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be available in Burgundy. Samsung has decided to follow up on the classy and pretty successful Burgundy color option from the S-series, and launch the same exclusive Galaxy Z Fold 4 color option.

The Burgundy color is exclusive, which means that you need to order the phone online to get it. There’s also no info regarding the availability of this color and when it will actually launch. So, if you’re a fan of dark red phones, you’ll have to keep an eye on Samsung’s official site and hope for the best.

What’s your favorite Galaxy Z Fold 4 color?

Let’s see what Galaxy Z Fold 4 color you guys like the most! Vote and share your thoughts in the comment section below.  What colors are missing and what Galaxy Z Fold 4 colors would you like to see?


And there you have it! All the official Galaxy Z Fold 4 colors have been unveiled for our eyes to see. The new Beige and Graygreen color options look really good, you should see them in person before judging them by the name of the hue. Again, there will be an exclusive Burgundy color variant but we don’t know exactly when will it become available.The Galaxy Z Fold 4 colors might not make you think about rainbows but the Galaxy Z Flip 4 colors are a completely different case. Check out the article to find out which color is strangely missing from that palette.


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