George Floyd Doesn’t Deserve a Protest and the Honors Because He Was a Criminal When He Was Alive

George Floyd

George Floyd, A Black American who was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. It is not good to speak ill of the dead but after reading the biography of George, though it is very painful the way he died without fair trials, someone with such questionable character does not deserve the kind of massive worldwide protests that were done in his honour. It is people like George Floyd that make other people see black Americans as bad guys. He led a very rough life.

Many protesters started the popular George Floyd protest without digging deep into the history of George Floyd. They were angered by the way he died. But after the protest began, people started digging into the deceased life and discovered that he was not the good type they assumed he was.

The kind of anger some white people generate toward black people have origin. Nonetheless, racism is a very bad thing but one black American set racism aside and took the pain of extracting George Floyd’s biography. After some protesters read the biography, some of them backed out because they may die for something that doesn’t worth it. The reason some are still protesting is not for George Floyd’s death but for their own future safety.

The death of the young man opened a can of worms that he was no stranger to prisons. He had engaged in various forms of crimes and drugs abuse and smuggling, that some protesters were turned off by such biography.

That is why the symbol of the protests change to that of black power and not George Floyd’s pictures again as it was when they first started.

The truth is that George Floyd’s protest is not being done purposely because of George Floyd himself. It is being done because of other good black Americans who have died through police brutality and also through gangsters and racism. If not, many black protesters said they will not risk their lives for such a man with questionable character.

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