George Floyd Was a Thug When He Was Alive, Yet He Recieved a Presidential Type Funeral – White Woman Cries Out

George Floyd was a Thug but buried like a president

The funeral for George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota United States yesterday was awesome. Thousands of people mainly blacks gathered to pay him their last respect.

Minneapolis Major Jacob Frey broke down in tears as knelt before the casket of George Floyd who was murdered in the city to pay him his last respect.

Politicians and celebrities like Kevin Heart, Luda Chris, Tyrese Gibson, Tiffany Hadish, Master P and Will Packer attended. His family and well-wishers took turn to speak of their fun memories with him. Even Senator of Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar was in attendance.

The photos, and moments spoke of how Black Americans feel about the gruesome murder of George Floyd. But a White lady who things otherwise has made a statement on her Twitter handle. According to her George Floyd was a thug go figure, and he received Presidential type funeral.

She went ahead to give a link to a website that hires rioters saying that probably George Floyd’s name was on the payroll. Many black and white Americans have come out to protest the murder of George Floyd.

Whether he committed a crime or not with the allegation of using fake 20 dollars to make a purchase, many Americans are angry at the inhumane treatment given to him by Derek Chauvin and his fellow former police officers in Minneapolis on Monday last week when they arrested him.

What do you think about this, Did he truly worth the type of funeral that was did for him?

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