George Floyd’s Four Kids Seen Wearing Vest Labelled ‘I Can’t Breathe’ In An Heartbreaking Photo

Gorge floyd kids wear I can't breathe vest

Black American man, Gorge Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer.

Minneapolis police officer, 44 years old Derek Chauvin, was seen kneeling on George’s neck in a video shared online. The video changed into nearly 10 minutes long and it shows Derek had his knee in George’s neck whilst the Black man continually complained that he couldn’t breathe.

Even after George started out bleeding from his nose and became subconscious, Derek didn’t stop kneeling on his neck.

The death of George Floyd has sparked a Nationwide protest in which people came out to fight for the blacks. The blacks are always treated unfair especially when caught in a criminal offense.

Above is the picture of his four children wearing a vest labelled’ I can’t breathe’ which was one of the last words their father said before I kicking the bucket.

These children are really sad. No one would understand their pains. May their father’s soul rest in peace.


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