Get 6000naira With Just 100naira On Your Glo Simcard

Globacom mostly known by many people as glo is back again with this surprising offer. Glo is one of the biggest network provider in Nigeria and they provide the largest data bundle than others, in a way that you pay small money and get big data. You can dail *777# to check for there list of data with the price. But of recent glo is gifting there customers a huge amount of credit to call and for browsing, this offer is called welcomeback bonus. It is given to all customers that have not use there simcards for a long period of time. This is done to draw back all there old customers. Now let’s quickly talk on how to get this bonus.
Are you a glo subscriber and have not use your sim for a long time(a minimum of 1month)? Here is your chance to get back and use your sim because much await you as you are qualify to receive 6000naira on your simcard by just recharging 100naira Airtime on your simcard.
How To Activate The Glo 6000naira For 100naira Only
1). Make sure you have not use your phone for a period of 1month. If you haven’t you are not eligible to this offer.
2). Make you receive a message from glo telling you to recharge 100naira Airtime and you get bonus of 6000naira bonus. If you don’t receive this message don’t try it cause they may not give you the bonus.
3). Get your phone ready and recharge an Airtime of 100naira only, then you will get 6000naira bonus to call all networks.
Note: If your sim has not reach 1month without being used and you receive the message, congrats you can also get the bonus.
Dail #122*34# to check your data balance.
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