Get your deeply discounted Galaxy Tab S8 or Tab S8+ while you can

Just in case Best Buy’s top Labor Day deals didn’t already cover all your needs, preferences, and budgets with substantial discounts on many of the best phones money can buy right now (not to mention tablets, smartwatches, and so on), the retailer appears to have added another extensive sale valid for 24 hours only.

As part of this outstanding promotion, you can get a whole bunch of different Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S8+ variants at greatly reduced prices in several different colors.
We’re talking exclusively about non-cellular-enabled models of Samsung‘s latest 11 and 12.4-inch powerhouses, offering internal storage space ranging from as little as 128 to as much as 512 gigs.
Of the two, just the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is available in a 512GB storage configuration (at an odd $1,016.49 instead of a list price of $1,199.99), while those in the market for a (slightly) smaller Samsung slate will need to settle for either 128 or 256 gigs of local digital hoarding room at $569.99 or $759.99 respectively.
The latter two price points are slashed down by a cool $130 and $140 respectively from what Best Buy normally charges (as well as Samsung, Amazon, and other major authorized US vendors), with jumbo-sized tablet lovers looking at coughing up $140 and $172.50 less than usual for 128 and 256GB storage respectively.
Granted, the Tab S8+ has (amazingly) been on sale at even heftier discounts in the past already, but at the time of this writing, what Best Buy is offering are by far the most attractive deals anywhere, comfortably beating, for instance, Samsung’s first-party price cuts.


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