Glo Freebrowsing Cheat, Latest Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat With The Help Of Stark VPN

Hey guys, am happy to inform you that the Glo 0.00kb unlimited free browsing cheat is back and better this time around with the help of Stark VPN . Those of you that are complaining of Glo data (H+) not coming up when there is no airtime or active data subscription on the SIM, I have a solution for you.

But before that, about a week ago I posted the AnonyTun settings for Glo Freebrowsing cheat and right now, am posting an alternative for those that are still finding it difficult to connect and enjoy the cheat. With the latest Stark VPN app , you can enjoy unlimited free browsing on your Glo line 24/7.

Solution To Glo Data Not Coming Up After Oning Your Data Connection

To fix it and force data to show, use below APN settings:
Apn name > Olexhome
Apn > 9mobile
Proxy and Port > leave them blank
Username and password > leave them blank
Scroll down to Authentication Type and tick
Then save this APN. Your data network should come up.

Once data signal is available on your Glo SIM, you are a step closer to free browsing. Just follow the remaining procedures below;

√ Download or update your Stark VPN by clicking on this link

√ Install and open the VPN app, then in Tweaks , select “Glo” as you can see in image below.

√ Tap the RED Button to connect.

√ Just wait for few seconds for the vpn to connect. As soon as connection is established, you will see a Key in your notification bar.

Now, you can open any web browser, application and social media apps and enjoy the goodies from free Globacom freebrowsing.
You can also use this cheat with UC Mini Handler. Enjoy while it lasts.

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