Go Back to Your Country and Never Return Back – Rwanda President Sent 18 Chinese Back to China For Mistreating Rwandan Workers

Rwanda president sent 18 chinese back to China

Eighteen Chinese people were seen packing back to China on Wednesday. This came after the General Mr Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda found out that they were mistreating Rwandan workers and grubbing lands of farming from them.

Chinese people also took advantage of making workers work abnormal hours like slaves. Mr Kagame said; “Africa is a peaceful continent, we don’t tolerate discrimination here or to be slaves again.

This country is for Africans and those who mean well for us. I’m instructing those 18 chinese to go back and never return back! Rwandan must enjoy their rights in their country. let this be a lesson for the remaining Chinese and other investors, Respect us and we’ll welcome you with our good hearts.”

Most of the people talked about this issue and below are few of what they said;

Osman Bah
The Great Paul Kagame! I wish all other African Leaders will borrow a page from your script! God Bless you! The Chinese are poised to eat Africa’s Soul!

Diao Le Guinéen
For me, Paul Kagame is the best president ever in Africa because I’ve heard and traveled to Rwanda and by my own eyes, I can tell you, what i saw before i travel to Rwanda is lesser than the one that I’ve seen while my visit to Rwanda.

Douglas Lungu
This is our continent and we don’t have to apologize to anyone. Good stance Presdo PK. AFRICA arise as stand United. We must never get back to being slaves to these supper powers again.

I personally appreciate this president for such act cause you can’t come to Africa continent and started maltreating us here. and may God continue to strengthen him.

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