Go on a virtual tour around the world with Google Maps 3D immersive view

Traveling takes a lot of effort and sometimes you just can’t swing by the Big Ban in London, and the Giza Pyramids on one weekend. Google is here to help, and with the company’s 3D immersive view feature, you can visit all the famous landmarks around the world in a matter of seconds.

Today, Google announced that Android and iOS users will be able to get a glimpse of the new feature – it’s rolling out as we type this, and it will offer an aerial view of close to 100 famous landmarks around the world – including the aforementioned Big Ban, Empire State building in New York, the unbreakable prison Alcatraz in San Francisco, and many more.

You can access the new aerial views in Google Maps, just click on a landmark and go to Photos. There you’ll find a 3D view of the landmark, created by Google’s AI by blending thousands of satellite images and Street View shots into one coherent 3D masterpiece.

The tourist references in the beginning are not just for stylistic reasons, Google itself pitches this new feature as a tourist planning tool – for previewing famous places without the need to book a flight (and for checking them out before you go, so you won’t be disappointed if the thing turns out to be small or unimpressive).

Alongside the aerial views there are other updates rolling out, including a more detailed cycling navigation routes, location sharing notifications, and the usual bug fixes and stability upgrades.

Source: phonearena.com

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