God Gave Me An Anointed V*g!na, You Will Get Healed If You Sleep With Me – Female Pastor Reveals

Pastor Mrs. Veronica, Founder of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria has made a shocking statement and offer solution to men who have infertility problems. Pastor Mrs Veronica disclosed this two days ago during a church service.

She was offering a sermon and said that any man that makes love to her will be healed of his fertility problem. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

According to the clergywoman, her mission on earth is to cure fertility problems in men and once any of them sleeps with her and her body fluid touches his cucumber, such a man will be healed of his fertility problem.

Pastor Veronica who seems sure of her powers went as far as giving out her phone number so that any man with such a problem can contact her for a session. She took to her facebook page to write the message this morning.

See the screenshot of her claim below;

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  1. What kind of anointed Virgina is that? If you don’tve anything else to preaches pls stop fooling yourself saying anointing Virgina rubbish lies, God never sent you madam that’s nonsense.

  2. God is never an Author of Contradiction. He does not anoint or heal anybody through Sin. Don’t become a Devil’s Agent.

  3. Dangerous 🥺! Immoral act perpetuated by a woman 👠 who claims she’s having an anointed v*g;na from where and who sent 📤 her? In the book 📖 of Exodus, the 2nd commandment clearly states that, “Thy shall not 🚭 use the name of the Lord in vain.” As the first one, “Honour the Lord your God with all your heart, strength….” Am not judging……….. quoting

  4. May God destroy any satanic temple or any agent who trying to decieve God’s children in Jesus name

  5. O my God have mercy on the world.
    Mercy on the flock this”pastoress”is preaching to.

  6. This woman is from the pit of hell. Rubbish pastor

  7. She is a devil incanate, I pray that God will deliver her and also the church members.

  8. This woman is an agent of darkness because God is not an author of confusion.

  9. Satanic agent are everywhere looking for souls to capture for the devil, people of God be watchful and pray, our God is not to be mocked.

  10. This is not of God. Lord have mercy.

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