God Has Two Wives and Jesus Christ Married Mary Magdalene In France With 5 Children – Ghanaian Prophet Reveals

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God has two wives and Jesus married mary Magdalene with 5 children

Albert Kwabena Asiamah, Ghanaian prophet better known as Prophet AJagurajah said that Jesus Christ never died. He claimed that God had two wives, and Jesus Christ married in France.

When we are little, we were taught that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the son of the Most High God and that after being crucified on earth, he ascended to heaven on the third day. And that he will return for his disciples who have lived in truth and righteousness.

Well, contrary to what we have been taught in these years, a Ghanaian prophet Albert Kwabena Asiamah better known as ‘Prophet AJagurajah’ said that Jesus Christ never died.

Therefore, the controversial religious leader made a shocking statement about the life and death of Jesus Christ on the cross in an interview with blogger Zion Felix.

According to the famous pastor, Jesus Christ did not die but instead was replaced or changed according to his biblical concept.

In a surprising statement, the prophet revealed that Jesus Christ lived up to 120 years and married Mary Magdalene.

To conclude, he added that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene had five (5) children. The prophet Ajagurajah claimed that Mary Magdalene had descendants in part of France.

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