God Will Never Answer Your Prayer As a Christian If You Pray For These Seven Things In Life

Prayers God will never answer

God is the eternal being who created and preserves all things. He is conceived of as the supreme being, creator deity, and principal object of faith.

It is true that God says in His word that if you ask anything in Jesus name, He will answer. But when what you are asking contradicts His will for your life, mind you, He will not answer that prayer.

There are so many things as Christians that if we ask God for that He will not answer. Why wasting your time asking God for something He will not answer. Why can’t you, use that time to do something more valuable for your life and future. Don’t get me wrong, prayer is good and highly rewarding, if we don’t ask amiss. Prayer has produced revival before and God still answers prayers.

There are many instances that we engage in a wrong kind of prayer and know it now that God is not bound to answer every prayer. Below are 7 instances where God will not answer your prayers;

1. Asking God to Kill You
All the people who requested for them to die in the Bible did not get answer to that prayer. The reason is that, God sees it as the same thing as committing suicide. It is as if you are using God as a poison. Don’t bother asking God to kill you, He will not answer that kind of prayer.

2. Asking God to Give You a Second Wife When You Are Already Married to One
That contradicts His word, which is forever settled in heaven. The only way God can answer that prayer is not even when you divorced her. That prayer can only be relevant until death do you part. You are entitled to pray to God for another wife or husband when your spouse is dead, not when you are tired of him or her.

3. Asking God to Do Something That Leads to Tempting Him
For example God said in His Word that if you drink any poisonous thing, it will not hurt you. And after reading that Portion in your Bible, you went ahead to drink a poison. Thinking that God will save you, it will be that you are tempting God, and such person will face death.
God didn’t say when you drink poison, but if you drink poison. When is deliberate, why if is by mistake. Be wise don’t tempt God.

4. Asking God For Someone Else’s Life
You cannot create life, so asking God to kill somebody just because of you, will not work. You cannot order God around. If God should work like that, many people would have died. I heard a story a woman who is married and because she’s tired of the marriage started to ask God to kill the husband so that she can marry another man. Please note that God is not a hired assassin.

5. Asking God to Prosper Your Business While the Business Will Make Some People Cry
If your business will cause others pain or death and you pray that God should bless it, it is a waste of time. An armed robber who prayed to God to have a successful robbery operation, will not receive answers from God.

6. Asking God to Do For You What He Had Empowered You to Do
God is not your house boy that you can send anything anyhow. There are some things He has equipped you to do, don’t bother yourself asking for such things, He will not do it. God gave you two legs to walk and you say, I don’t want to walk and that God should take you from where you are to your house or bus stop, you are just wasting your time.

7. What You Are Asking For Goes Against His Will, Principles and Covenants
That kind of prayer will not receive answers from the Almighty God. The Bible says when we pray according to His will, He hears us.

May the peace of God abide with you and your family in Jesus mighty name.


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