God Will Never Let You Have Peace Of Mind In Your Marriage – Man Curses His Ex

Man curse his Ex

There is a particular story that is revealing the minds of people over man training a woman in school. This is because some girls do abuse the love of a man training them in school and turn around to marry another person.

The man in the picture above has taken to Facebook to pour out his anger over what a lady he trained in school did to him because she found a man living abroad.

He condemned the lady and her father for what they did to him as he wrote with evidence of the marriage list that was given to him during introduction. He wrote;

“Uchechi Nnadiekwe, I’m very sure that God and man will never forgive you and your Dad Alex Nnadiekwe. Below are the part of list of your traditional wedding but still you and your dad go about telling your husband that it was only introduction that I had with you.

Where is your conscience and that of your dad when he gave you out to your Asia guy husband.

Did he forget that I trained you from the very first day you goes to Alvan Ikokwu College of Education and throughout your four years there was my money even when you abandoned me, you still collect money from me to sort yourself.

God will never let you have peace in your marriage”

The story was so touching when he presented the lists given to him by the girl’s family.

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