Good News to All HIV Patients As They Can Not Be Invected By Coronavirus, See Reasons Below

Please, kindly know that HIV positive does not mean that it is the end of the world for you, some are stressed because of it and some are ashamed but today after reading this article you will be transformed and your life will never be the same again.

First thing of all those who have not tested must test and know where they stand. Let us go into content and look at the promotion of Equality and prevention of unfair discrimination act No.4 of 2000 and Employment Equity Act No.55 of 1998

In case if you did not know let me tell you that the bill of rights protects you. meaning, that you do not have to be all by your self or discriminated and even in a place of work too. You have a right to be free everywhere, it is just a disease that can be managed and controlled, as long as you take your ARVs that will be helping in reduction of the viral load in your blood stream and lessen the chances of passing it to another person.

The minister of Health Dr Zweli Mkhize has highlighted that HIV positive people are not under high risk of getting infected by the Corona and are not in high risk of dying if they take their medications and as i have said about the virus load reduction in the blood stream this means that even if you be infected but because of the medications you will be taking the load will be off which means that you are in a good state and the risk will be lessened but if you don’t take your medication then you are in high risk because of the load that is not reduced.

Transform your lives so that they will not be the same again by taking your medication. And according to the Philippine HIV&AIDS prevention and control act of 1998 they simply show that ARVs are not the only meds that you have to live with but engaging in a healthy lifestyle also puts your body in a good condition meaning that your body and blood cells will be active and also by being around people always and be happy it reduces the stress on you.

If you have not yet started living a healthy life i encourage you now to live it and your life will never be the same again and the chances of being infected by Corona will be lessened.

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