Google promotes Google I/O 2022 with a new online game

We are only a few hours away from this year’s Google I/O, and just like in previous years, Google has released a game to promote the event and its technologies. This year, the tech giant has come up with an online browser game called I/O Pinball, which you can play and enjoy for free by going to the game’s official website (via 9to5Google). But beware, it is kind of addictive.Before you begin the game, you have to choose one of four characters. Your ball, the arcade’s carpeting, and the neon of the nearby machines will change to match your choice.

The controls are simple. If you play on your phone, to launch the ball, you need to tap the rocket, and to control the flippers, you need to tap on the left and right sides of your screen. If you play on your computer, you can use the space bar to launch the balls and “a,” “d,” or the arrow keys to operate the flippers. The goal of the game is, of course, to get the highest score possible and become number one on the ranking list.

I/O Pinball is a Flutter-based game that utilizes Firebase for hosting and its ranking system. Both technologies were developed by Google and are used for building cross-platform applications. The game is open-source, and its code can be found on GitHub if someone wants to see how it was created.

If you ask yourself what things Google may announce at this year’s Google I/O, you can visit our Google I/O 2022: what to expect and how to watch page. There, you can also watch the whole event, which will begin at 1 pm Eastern (10 am Pacific).


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