Google Set To Give You Access To Auto-delete Your Location History and Web Activity

We all know that Google is dominant in the realm of search, more than 90% of all internet searches are taking place and is one of the most popular websites. One of the biggest concerns in our modern online era is privacy — that is, how much you want certain corporations to know about your web habits, app usage, and location data.

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One of the most common concerns is with Google and its nigh monopoly on search and other online products, not to mention how much it knows about us. So to relieve user worries, the search giant is introducing auto-delete controls for location history and web/app activity logs.

The new feature allows users to automatically delete their online history after a predetermined period of time. This includes location history and activity data, such as online searches, places you have visited, and the content you have viewed on Google-owned apps.

These new controls will be available in the settings menu under the Web and App Activity and Location History sections in your Google account.

Currently, you can go in and manually delete your activity data at any time. Going forward, you can instruct Google to auto-delete your data every 3 months or every 18 months — or continue to delete it yourself whenever you wish.

These controls will be rolling out to everyone in the coming days, so be checking for them in the Location History and Web/App Activity sections.

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