He Is An Idiot With Zero Common Sense and No Social Skills – Donald Trump’s Mother Says Before She Died

Mary Anne Trump, the mother of Donald Trump and the wife of real estate developer Fred Trump has an image that looks like a newspaper cutaway condemning Trump for politics.

An Image surfaced online rebuking Trump by his mother if he joined politics in future. The images come from an old newspaper at which the name or date of publication doesn’t display.

In the Newspaper cutaway, she says; “Yes he is an idiot with zero common sense and no social skills, but he is my son. I just hope he never gets into politics, he’d be a disaster.” —Mary Anne Trump.

Mary Anne Trump was born in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, she emigrated to the United States in 1930 and became a naturalized citizen in 1942. She died august 7th 2000.

Mary Anne Trump doesn’t have any record in the media at this time of Trump’s political career. While Donald Trump’s involvement in politics prior to 2000 was minor, he was an established businessman by then and a public figure.

There is 99% assurance the image was fabricated and another 1% it was true.

Although Trump hasn’t been able to prove himself worthy of the praise of Americans. He had gone from lying about the intensity of the pandemic to unleashing Military on protesters. He has ignored the 100,000 deaths of Americans and gone back to his second time political ambitions as he campaigns amidst the pandemic without a nose mask.

Trump’s slippery mouth and abuse of power had made him lose his respect and dignity. He had been exposed in a book written by John Bolten, former defense minister. His meeting with Xi was exposed as he tries to use his position to acclaim personal victory in the forthcoming election.

He had seen the future damages coming for him with the publication of the book and he had banned the distribution. His campaign and CNN polls results turned out bad. He has been dragged for a lot of silly reasons like walking down a terrace perfectly and drinking from a glass like a President.

Trump said it himself; “the Supreme Court doesn’t like me” as he is now using staffing and employment to tease Americans to parlay his re-election.


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