He Is Surely In love With You If He Does These Things to You During S*x

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things that prove he loves you

Men also enjoy making love. However, they’ll only want to do so if they genuinely care about you. Sometimes it can be hard to know if a guy just wants to get in there, or if they actually love you. While having s*x you can find out how they really feel if they do these following things;

1. He Will Perform Foreplay
Either he loves you, or he’s doing this for his own ego. He takes things slowly and doesn’t rush to the penetration part. He might go downtown for a long time because he wants you to enjoy yourself.

2. He Will Tell You
Not all men are very vocal, but some are. He’ll let you know how he feels, during or after having s*x. He won’t be afraid to say it because he is confident in how he feels. Just because he doesn’t say it though, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, men are different.

3. He Talks to You
Some men like a little conversation while having s*x. It proves that he’s comfortable enough with you, and he’s trying to put his mind off climaxing so you can enjoy yourself. Also, you enjoy good pillow talk later.

4. He Will Look At You like You Are Everything
Basically, he’ll appreciate you with his eyes. He’ll look into your eyes, and at your body, at your face. You might even blush, or reciprocate.

5. He Will Kiss You A Lot
He’ll kiss you all over your body, your neck, your shoulders, bre*sts…everywhere.

If he does two or more of the above things, he’s smitten by you.


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