He is Totally in Love With You if He Does These Three Things

It can be hard to know when someone is really into you. Figuring out someone’s feelings, especially if they don’t even know them yet, can be difficult and actually pretty nerve wrecking.

This is definitely the case for guys, who may not always be the best at communicating how they feel. And if you are really into this guy, you are probably anxious to know how he feels about you, or if he likes you as much as you do like him. If you are ready to really understand your crush or love interest’s feelings.

Here are 3 things he will do if he is totally in love with you;

1. His Eyes Tell It All

The biggest sign that a guy is into exists in the way he looks at you. He may not say it, but if he is falling for you, he will look at you like you are sent straight from heaven.

2. He Accepts You For Who You Are

Some guys might want you to act or dress a certain way to appease their needs and desires. But if a guy is really into you, he will accept you for who you are, willingly and lovingly.

3. He Makes You A Priority

People only make time for what they want, and usually make excuses when they aren’t that interested. If your guy is busy – whether it be with work, school or friends – and he still consistently makes time for you, this is a pretty obvious sign that he really cares about you.

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