He Sent Me Out His House Inside Rain Because I Said I Don’t Want s£x – Lady Laments

A young Nigeria lady has revealed her experience when she went to meet her male friend.

She said her male friend pursue her out of his house inside rain just because she denied him s£x. Read her story below;

Good evening, this guy asked me to come and spend weekend at his side from today till sunday evening I got to his place 6pm today. I came from far place. I stay in lyana lba side.

When I got there he started trying to make moves on me, l told I’m not here for s€x, let’s cuddle through the weekend and Netflix and all.

He said i should start going home, He did not even give me money for cab. I thought he was joking at first Until he carried my bag to the door and said I should get out.

God will punish him and his family, his sperm will not generate anything in this life. I don’t even no what to do. It is raining and before I get home, it will be 2 hours or more because of traffic am in a bus now people are just coughing anyhow I beside me. Men are scum.

See the screenshot of her post below;

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