He was working security at a Key West bar and he’s part of a murder plot – Police Reveals

Joshua, A man working security at a bar in the Southernmost City was arrested this week by Key West police and U.S. Marshals. Joshua is a suspect in a stalking and attempted murder case in Nebraska.

Joshua Lytle, 27, is in county jail in Key West Friday night waiting to be extradited to Nebraska where he faces conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and aiding and abetting charges/terrorist threat charges.

Police and Marshals arrested Lytle around 9:15 p.m. Wednesday night at the Bourbon Street Pub, where he worked, according to a Key West police arrest report.

According to a release from the City of Grand Island Police Department in Nebraska, Lytle helped his friend, Matthew Stephens, 30, in his unsuccessful plan to kill his wife.

Stephens began stalking the woman in late December and on one occasion threatened her with a knife, according to the press release.

Grand Island police arrested Stephens on Jan. 6. Lytle was arrested shortly after in a local jail where he was already booked on an unrelated charge, according to the release.

“These arrests stem from incidents in which Stephens grabbed [his wife] and threatened her with a knife in a December incident, stalked her movements, and took substantial steps toward the continuation of a plan to kill [her],” the press release states.

The statement named the woman, but the Miami Herald/FLKeysnews.com is not because she is the potential victim of domestic abuse.

According to the Hall County Clerk of the Court, the conspiracy charge against Lytle had been dismissed, and he had since been on supervised release before absconding to the Keys.

A Nebraska judge signed a warrant for his arrest on July 16 on both the conspiracy and aiding and abetting charge, the Key West police report states.

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