Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts To Improve Performance In Bed

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Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts To Inprove Performance In Bed

If you are familiar with Kayan Mata, then, you’ll get to know that tiger nut is one of the herbs the Hausas use in boosting their s*x life and it is widely used as an aphrodisiac because it is said to be very potent in helping couples enjoy a better and healthier s*x life. Below are two benefits of tiger to improve s*xual life.

1. Curing Erectile Dysfunction
Where getting an erection or keeping the p*nis erected may happen to men occasionally due to stress, fatigue, and even one’s mindset during s*x, it becomes a serious issue when it happens very often. Of course, no man wants to be tagged a one minute man or worse, called impotent he can’t get it up. So, if you are one of those having issues with your p*nis when you need it to, tiger nut should be your new best friend. It may sound funny that something so serious could be tackled with something cheap like tiger nuts but it will interest you to know that tiger nuts are commonly used in Ghana to treat erectile dysfunction.

Tiger nut is said to be very rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help to prevent plaque accumulation in the heart and to increase blood flow to the p*nis which in turn helps a man get hard when they need to and to stay hard even longer. If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, I advise that include tiger nut in your diet, especially tiger nut milk.

2. Natural Aphrodisiacs
In the northern parts of Nigeria, tiger nut is used as a natural aphrodisiac to help boost physical intimacy and s*xual pleasures between couples.

Anyone familiar with the Hausas knows they are crazy about their “Kunun Aya”; a special drink formulated with tiger nuts, coconut, and dates to help boost men’s libido and to boost their strength so they can more rounds than they would normally do. In fact, this special tiger nut drink is a form of “Kayan Mata” that is commonly used by the northerners and it is now widely used and recommended for everyone who wants to have a better s*x life using a natural booster that is also affordable.

How To Make Kunun Aya and Use To Enhance Your Performance In Bed
To make Kunun aya, all you need is tiger nuts, a whole coconut, and dates. Soak the date in water overnight or for two days depending on how fresh it is; soaking it in water makes it more supple and softer to blend. Break your coconut and keep the coconut water too so you can add it to the mix for more flavor. Remove the kernel from your dates and cut the seeds into smaller bits. Once you have your ingredients ready, add the amount of tiger nuts you want into the blender (depending on the amount of Kunun aya you are looking to make but we advise not to do too much because it tastes better when it is fresh) with just your coconut water or just a bit of water enough to make blending easy and smooth. Blend for a while and then add your pieced coconuts and dates to the mix and blend till it is smooth. To drain the milk out, you can use cheesecloth or a new pantyhose. There you have your Kunun Aya ready to be drunk. We recommend that you drink it chilled.

Tiger nut is also said to reduce the mortality rate of the sperm which means they are great to boost a man’s sperm count and increase his chance of making babies easily. In women, tiger nuts also help them increase their estrogens and for nursing moms having issues with producing milk, you should think of drinking of tiger nut milk to produce lactose production.

Overall, tiger nut is recommended for those not just looking to have a better and sweeter s*x life but for everyone looking to have a healthier lifestyle in general. It is so full of health benefits to the body and you can include it in your diet in one way or the other.


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