Here Are 10 Hidden Tricks You Might Not Know About IPhone

Apple has been known for making the most user-friendly apps and products to anticipate customer needs. Apple designers and engineers don’t have much time to explain what every product does and all the iPhone tricks in it. With every new iOS update comes new features and functions. Apple can offer a lot to the users however they lack at letting the user know about the hidden tricks. In this article, we will let you know about the useful hidden tips and tricks.

1. Shake to undo
It’s inevitable to make a typo on a small screen. But don’t worry, we’ve got an easy solution. If you want to delete the entire sentence or make a correction, just shake to undo. Rather than waiting to erase the whole sentence just shake it off and start fresh.

2. Set a reminder to call back
Apple has remind me option in iPhone, you can set a quick reminder to call someone back. Previously this feature wasn’t present in iOS version but you can now get notified to call someone back and don’t miss out the important call.

3. Set a sleep timer for music
If you like to listen to relaxing music before sleeping and you think you can doze off anytime then you can set a timer through the clock app. The music will stop when the timer ends.

4. Speed up your phone performance by clearing RAM
Clearing RAM can help speed up the performance of your phone. You can do this by holding the power button for a few seconds to see “slide to power off” and then click the home button the screen will get blank and home screen will appear.

5. Create your own custom vibration pattern and Ringtone
You can You You can create your own customized vibration tone for any notification. You can do this by going to the settings and vibration and make the vibration pattern by using your fingers to make the pattern. Also, you can set any custom ringtone for a contact which will be limited to one person along with a personalized vibration pattern.

6. Flash light alert
If you think you’re at a crowded place where there is a possibility that you can miss an important call. You can enable a top notch LED flash light alert to notify you to, this can be done by going to the settings> General> Accessibility >LED flash light for Alerts.

7. Use custom messages for calls
If you’re in an important meeting or any place where you cannot receive a call you can directly record a voicemail or send a custom message to let the other person know you’re busy. IPhone gives you three instant replies that you can send or you can write your own text.

8. Make your phone performance better by clearing cache
If clearing RAM doesn’t prove to be useful, then you need to consider clearing cache. Tapping on any App Store, podcast, Phone Apps, Game center at least 10 times will clear the cache.

9. Check timestamps for text messages
You can check the timestamp of the iMessages by dragging your thumb to the left and it will reveal the time. Often you find yourself having a conversation without knowing the time. You can check the time by an easy swipe.

10. Check the tabs closed on Safari
If you want to check all the tabs you have opened in safari you easily check it by clicking on the “+” sign and it will you all the list of recent tabs closed.

Hopefully you’ll find these tips useful and implement these tricks on your iPhone. Your phone can do a lot of things to make your user experience seamless. Apple comes up with new features every time as it knows very well how to take technology to the next level. Apple will continue to bring great features for the Apple fans and enrich their user experience.

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