Here Is What Happens In Your Life When You Love Someone Too Much

Signs you love someone too much

Love is considered to be a positive and negative: with its virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection, as “the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”; and its vice representing human moral flaw, akin to vanity, selfishness, amour-propre, and egotism, as it potentially leads people into a type of mania, obsessiveness or codependency. Most people tend to love their significant other without limits. Falling in love is a beautiful feeling that anyone could ever have.

As a result, they end up being into them too much, which is very dangerous, Even though loving someone is sweet, this should be done with limits. This is because one is likely to suffer or get affected in one way or the other. Below are the reasons why loving someone too much is wrong;

1. You Might Be Pouring Too Much Of Yourself
If you do, you might be left empty. Remember that a relationship is composed of two complete individuals. If you become incomplete, you will eventually feel like there’s a hole in your life that you do not know how to fill. It will be difficult to love someone because of that.

2. You Might Lose Time For Your Friends
Loving someone too much might also result in you spending all of your time with him or her forgetting about your friends. Friends will always be important in your life even if you are dating, hence, it is always good to be conscious about keeping them close.

3. You Might Have No Time to Spare For Your Family
Have you been missing out on important family gatherings? Has it been ages since you last ate dinner with your family? Loving someone too much might take even the time you spend with your family.

4. You Might Neglect Your Own Self
There is a high probability that by loving someone too much, you will end up forgetting about yourself. This happens because one will be concentrating too much on how he or she can make their significant other happy, forgetting that they should also be happy.

5. You Might Lose Track Of the Reality
Because you love someone too much, you might have let some important standards and deal breakers go. For example, you two have different religious beliefs. You might also be in a constant fight with each other because of irreconcilable differences. However, because of too much love, you don’t mind them as long as you can keep the relationship. You might have chosen not to see that the relationship isn’t going anywhere because of too much love.

6. You Might Be Too Blind to See What is Right
When one falls in love too deeply, the effects of it is that he or she will always see their better half to be always right even when they are wrong. This will likely make you misused especially when your partner doesn’t love you that much.

7. You Might Develop An Unhealthy Dependency
Can you still drive yourself home the way you do before? Can you still buy the groceries on your own? Those are simple things that you can do on your own before but might not do now because you have depended too much on your partner. We do not want to think of the worst, but if you lose your partner, can you still live independently or will you be left paralyzed?

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