Here Is What Happens To You When You Go Out At Late Night, Be Careful Of No 1

dangers of going out at night

I’m sure you are all aware that late night movement is dangerous especially in some areas. The world at large is making serious effort to cub crimes and security issues in a way that will be profitable to both lives and properties. It might interest you to know that some happenings are more of the spiritual than the physical which brought about the things we ought to do and not to do late nights.

The book of PSALM 121 talked about God’s protection both in going out and coming in. Never move late night without engaging your your spirit and soul in silent prayers for God to take perfect control till you arrive your desired destination. Below are some of the things you mustn’t do at night;

1. Pressing Phone
Don’t move over night operating your phone because you really don’t know who is watching out to grab anyone’s phone, and you might be a victim of such.

2. Answering Unknown Voice
Don’t respond to voices calling your name late night without figuring out who the caller is before responding.

3. Urinate In An Unknown Spots
Don’t urinate outside an unknown spot at the course of going to your house or coming home at night.

4. Get Out Of Room
Don’t step out of your room without properly dressed at night talk more of gallivanting along your street without proper attire at nights.

5. Figure Out What You Don’t Know
Don’t make serious effort to figure out a person or an object afar off to know exactly who is standing during late night believing you might be familiar with the person.

Endeavor to observe the above and try reschedule your time accordingly to avoid moving late at night.

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