Here Is What Happens to Your Body If You Eat One Egg Per Day For a Week

Health benefits of egg

Eggs are really common breakfast food that keeps falling in and out of favor with doctors. We keep hearing that eating eggs is good for you as it is full of protein and could be an alternative to eating meat. On the other hand, some doctors recommend avoiding eggs as they might influence your cholesterol levels as they are full of fats. Here is actually thinhgs that will happen when you eat one egg a day;

1. Source of Protein
Eggs are a great source of protein which is almost fully (98%) absorbed by our body. The biggest advantage is that it is very low in calories (roughly 70 kcal per egg). Obviously, a boiled egg is preferred as no extra oils are used to prepare it. Protein keeps you full longer and is necessary if you have a long day in front of you. That’s why an egg is a food common for breakfast. Bodybuilders prefer raw eggs as well but remember that a cooked egg is absorbed better.

2. Healthy Heart
Eating eggs is connected to a reduced risk of heart diseases. Eggs contain both good and bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol lowers the risk of many diseases including heart diseases. While bad cholesterol is present, it doesn’t affect blood cholesterol and only people with sensitive blood cholesterol see a light increase.

3. Microelements
Eggs are a source of vitamins and minerals which support your bodily function. Even one egg contributes significantly to the daily requirement of Vitamin A, riboflavin, Vitamin B12, phosphorus, zinc and Vitamin D. All of these are necessary for normal body function and normally are very low in the modern diet. Some of them heavily contribute to eye health and reduce the risk of eye-related diseases.

4. Immune Boost
A wide list of vitamins and minerals makes egg an eggselent product to add to your diet based on the nutritional value alone. If you have a diverse diet and exercise regularly, eggs will only improve your results. While egg yolk contains ⅔ of a daily dose of cholesterol, consumption of one egg a day has no harmful impact on health. Aminoacids will help to build your immune system to protect it from infections.

5. Strong Bones
Vitamin D and calcium are the building blocks of healthy bones. Vitamin D helps calcium and phosphorus absorption, therefore, strengthening our bones, teeth, and preventing osteoporosis. Every part of the egg is edible including eggshell which can be added in ground form to enrich the diet with calcium. If you prefer a natural source of calcium, save your empty shells, wash and grind them and you can add them to food and smoothies for an extra boost.

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