Here Is What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Milk Everyday For 2 Weeks

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health benefits of milk

We were told that drinking milk will make us strong and healthy since we were little kids. But have you ever thought about what exactly happens to our bodies when we drink milk? Then you are in for a treat because in this article I’m about to reveal some really fascinating things about milk and its impact on our bodies. As it turns out, drinking milk daily does not only provide health benefits, but also health problems. So here are they below;

1. Strong Teeth and Healthy Bones
Milk is a great source of calcium, and this is exactly what our teeth and bones need to be strong. Drinking milk can help protect your teeth from developing cavities and tooth decay. As for your bones, not only kids can benefit from drinking milk. We all know milk ensure the proper growth in kids, but adults can benefit from drinking milk just as much. In fact, milk helps improve bone density and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. However, do not forget to take plenty of vitamin D with your milk as it’s the only way your body will absorb all the calcium from milk.

2. Reduce Stress
Milk works great as a stress reliever. After a hard, stressful day at the office, drink a cup of hot milk before bed. It’ll help soothe your nerves and lull you to sleep.

3. It Can Cause Digestive Problems
Gas, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation – these are the symptoms you might experience from drinking milk if you are lactose intolerant, or you gut bacteria does not agree with lacto bacteria present in milk.

4. Boost Energy
While hot milk is good to calm your nerves, ice cold milk works great as an energy booster. Whenever you feel like your energy is drained, drink a glass of cold milk, you’ll feel revitalized in no time.

5. Helps Reduce Weight and Gain Muscle Mass
Milk is very nutritious and relatively low in calories at the same time. Milk contains proteins such as casein, albumin, and globulin – elements that are responsible for reducing appetite – which makes it a great snack. Drinking milk helps burn more calories thanks to the calcium and Vitamin D that increase your metabolism. As for muscle gain, again, milk is rich in proteins that are responsible for muscle growth. And the amino acids present in milk help reduce muscle soreness after a good heavy lifting session.

6. It Causes Acne
Not all elements present in milk are good for you. For example, D-galactose which is a by-product of lactose can cause skin inflammations. Recent studies revealed that teens who were drinking a higher amount of milk showed the symptoms of acne.

7. Helps With Heartburn
If you experience heartburn, drinking milk would be the simplest and yummiest way to reduce the pain. It provides cooling sensation and coats the stomach lining which helps eliminate the heartburn. As we pretty much covered all the good things about drinking milk, let’s take a look at some side effects of drinking milk.


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