Here Is What Happens When You Allow Girls to Sleep Overnight In Your House

There are many reasons why people tend to go into a Relationship before marriage. But inrespective of the gender, there are some certain things we should not involve ourselves in when in a relationship before marriage.

In this article, I will be telling you why you shouldn’t allow girls to sleep over in your house. Below are 2 reasons why you should not let a girl to sleep over in your house;

1. She Might Be a Spy

You don’t have to trust anyone in this present world, some girls coming over to your house might just be a spy from people who don’t care about. We hear a lot of cases of murder today, Ladies murder their men and they eventually get caught in the act. For your own safety please stop allowing girls you don’t trust to spend the night in your house.

2. Something Bad Might Happen

Its very risky to let a lady sleep over in your house, even if her family is aware she’s sleeping over, if anything bad should happen to her, you’ll be held responsible.

So many stories about ladies sleeping and not waking up today, if she sleeps and doesn’t wake up, you could go to jail cause of a crime you know nothing about.

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