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Here Is What Happens When You Kiss More Than Three Times a Week

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benefits of kissing

Kissing is one of the most pleasant things in the world (after chocolates and fluffy kittens, of course). We kiss our babies, friends, pets, and loved ones. Kissing our partners feels most special and, according to science, it actually is! Kissing does not only make us happy by reducing stress levels, but it also has a few quite amazing health benefits most people have no idea about. Here are a few scientific reasons why you should kiss more;

1. The Love Hormone
The first thing that happens when you kiss your partner is the release of different feel-good hormones that make you feel incredible. I’m talking about the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin and vasopressin, the one responsible for bonding mothers and babies. There’s also a bit of dopamine that makes the kissers happier almost instantly and a bunch of other neurohormones that keep us balanced.

2. Stress Reduction
The more feel-good hormones are produced by your body, the happier you become. Studies show that love and pleasure significantly reduce your stress levels. Shows of affection like kissing influence your cortisol levels – a stress hormone that is causing most of the suffering. So kiss, feel loved, and simply be happy!

3. Immunity Boost
Being exposed to new bacteria might have two effects – it will either make you sick, or strengthen your whole immunity system. The more new germs you experience, the more your body learns how to resist them. Kiss at least 9 times a day to keep the doctor away.

4. Helps With Allergies
It may be hard to believe, but kissing can actually reduce allergy symptoms. In 2003, Japanese scientists published a study in Physiology and Behaviour, describing the relationship between allergies and stress reduction. People who weren’t too big on kissing in daily life were left with their partners in a room to kiss for half an hour. In the end of experiment, scientists were shocked to find out that people actually felt huge relief from their allergic reactions.

5. Alertness
Apart from feel-good hormones, kissing also causes your body to produce adrenaline and noradrenaline. These chemicals make you feel more alert, precise, and excited. You heart rate raises and you feel more alive than ever – all thanks to kissing!


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