Here Is What Happens When You Leave Your Phone Turned On Overnight While Sleeping

Sleeping with phone on

Have you been woken up in the middle of the night by your phone ringing? What was the feeling?, here is the real gist that will keep you alert so that you won’t enter the gang of “gone so soon”, and then, naturally blame it on your innocent village people. Your phone ringing while you sleep can actually cause a lot of problems for you. Even though not all phone ringing at night could cause bad things, but there are Peculiar ones you should be afraid of.

Have you stressed yourself so much in the day, and also midway into the night that your body could no longer take it anymore, and then naturally decides to rest but then midway, say 15-20 minutes into the sleep, suddenly, your phone blasts and you jerk up from sleep? What was the feeling?. It seems that for the next 3-5 minutes you are aloft your sorrounding. Even though you are awake but it seems your brain is still booting, which actually it is, and there is a taste of sourness, not in your mouth, but right there inside your Brain! My dear, if you find yourself in this situation for consecutive multiple times it can lead to one thing or the other.

An increasing amount of noise can actually throw your heart out of rhythm. called atrial fibrillation, this irregular heart beat can lead to blood clots, stroke, and even heart failure. You wonder how people sometimes die at midnight, or suddenly get stroke? This could explain them.

However, there are simple remedies when applied could make you live longer, and send grieve far from your household, below are some of the remedies below;

1. Switch Off Your Phone While You Sleep
Even though this might not be easy for you especially those that need their phone to be always on, however, life is bigger than riches. Once you’re gone, the whole world would not stop for a second to recognize you, life goes on. So why dont you think life first before riches.

2. Put Your Phone In Silence While You Sleep
This could be a better remedy to the first option above. This will enable you return your calls. But when it becomes paramount that you must pick your calls, then responsibility demands that you do not sleep untill you are done with your phone-answering business. An adage says that when you leave life to pursue wealth, your enemies/neighbours would be the one spending the wealth on your behalf. So, think and act wisely.

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